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NOOR RELIEF and its members have been financially committed to improving the lives of families, orphans / children, widows of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is one of the oldest rug weaving countries where exquisite quality wool rugs were woven, but due to war, violence & poverty in the last 40 year, some families could not send their children to be educated, rather out to work.

The most fortunate would stay home with their parents to weave rugs. The least fortunate under the Taliban regime were taken as Child soldiers. 

Noor Relief has been successful in soliciting donations from its members for several specific relief & Day to day Aid efforts in recent years.

Incorporation of the Noor Relief Fund as a non-profit organisation allows them to solicit funds and channel them to various humanitarian projects, including schools and eye clinics, water supply networks, Aid packages around Rural Afghanistan where majority of Afghan rugs are woven.

Our Mission and Goals

We must all find a way to give back, as some may call it Good karma, We at Rug Empire have decided to support Noor Relief and the give back to the kids and families of rural Afghanistan though Noor Relief.

A rural Afghanistan where adults weave the most beautiful hand woven rugs!

The Programs Noor Relief Support

An example of the type of projects Noor Relief supports is: The Water Supply Networks projects. Total of 850 household have have been supported with 5 Communal taps in deprived areas of Kabul. Providing the towns with clean and safe drinking water.

How You Can Help

You can donate with the link below, any time of the year.

Also through out the year we have donation promotions where portion of our sales are donated to Noor Relief and we will always advise you of is before hand.